Just to get something down…

1. Went to this place called “Sanitary Bakery” in Daly City to pick up snacks for various new moms I was visiting.

2. Visited a couple of new moms and their absolutely precious babies

3. Went to a commercial audition for Sling Box with Gladys which ran way late, so I had to call Mr. Aorta to leave work to go pick up Ophelia from preschool and take her to daycare. The audition was fun — a lot of the top comic actors in the Bay Area were there, so the energy in the waiting area was lively and unique. Even if they did have us wait over an hour past our call times. On the way back to my car, I saw a real live street walker yelling at someone (her pimp??) on the cell phone. I got a picture of it — I’ll try to get Mr. A to post it to flickr.
4. Dropped off another baby gift for my sister to take to Atlanta for the newest addition to her boyfriend’s family.

5. Did some laundry and grocery shopping before picking up Ophelia from Joshie’s house (daycare)

6. Made dinner, cleaned up, all while the kids were crying and demanding attention. oh, broke a glass of red wine. And listened to some opera on my iPhone’s iPod while doing it. That made it a bit more painless.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the day. Or get mr. aorta to post it to his flickr.


Update on the IPL

September 27, 2007

After a scant 45 minutes at the dermatologist’s office, I am now on my way to fading those pesky spots on my face.  However, I can expect several days to a week of being a fright to look at.  In fact, I took advantage of my sister’s babysitting my children to run out to the grocery store afterwards and noticed some stares by young children.  Well, okay, one teenager.

It began with the nurse, Gayla, taking me to the room with the Intense Pulsed Light machine and giving me some towels and face cleanser to get the sunscreen off my face.  She then put some adhesive eye covers (about the size of quarters) over my eyes and handed me an ice roller (it looked like a small metal paint roller) to be used to soothe my face after treatment.  She then applied a cool gel to the right side of my face and tested three spots with her zapper to see if there would be any adverse reaction.  There was not.

She continued to work away at the spotty areas of my face by zapping the spots with her handset.  There was another handset attached to the machine which I found out later was more powerful and used to eliminate wrinkles, rosacea and other less superficial skin problems.  Each zap felt like a serious static shock, and with each shock, I could see a bright light with what appeared to be a branch of lighting or maybe the pattern of my blood vessels on my eyelids.  I wondered if a light could be so bright as to cause you to be able to see through shut eyelids.  ew.

Most of the zaps were pretty mild, but the ones targeting the darker spots were stronger and definitely felt uncomfortable.  Plus, Gayle had to go over those darker areas a few extra times.  What was interesting was that the light treatment “knew” to target pigment and not the pale areas.  After about 30 minutes of this, I was done and was instructed to roll the ice roller over my face to soothe it.  My face felt like it had been sunburned, and the ice roller was a welcome salve.

I then got up to wash my face again, came back to the treatment room, and got slathered with 30 spf sunscreen which Gayle kept in a large vat on her counter.  One thing about the dermo’s, there is sunscreen everywhere you turn.

My dark spots are now much much darker and slightly raised.  I can’t put make up on it for a week or so.  And I’ve got two more sessions to go!

My apologies for the terseness of this entry, but I hear my daughter crying upstairs, and I need to get her back down to wake up in time for school tomorrow.


Ever since I hit my thirties, and moreso since I’ve had children, my face has been developing these dark spots that affect many Asian women beyond a certain age.  They never really bother me since I don’t see them, but as a courtesy to those who have to look at me, I decided to see what I needed to do to get it fixed.  A few people were concerned that they may be cancerous and insisted I get it checked out.

I have to say, a dermatologist’s office looks like a lot of fun.  The initial impression I got from the waiting room was that this place was all about health and beauty.  And it meant business.  Besides the numerous brochures educating you on all the various products, procedures and medications available, there were posters and brochures letting you know of all the things you didn’t have to live with thanks to the miracles of modern science.  There was make up, free sunscreen samples (I picked up a 70 SPF non-comedogenic cream from Neutrogena), and displays of various skincare regimens available only by prescription.  Hardcore.

As it turned out, with just a quick glance at my face, a few questions about my history, she deduced it was melasma/cholasma and could be easily treated with several IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.  I’ve already scheduled one for the day after tomorrow….I’m very excited.  This procedure is supposed to hurt far less than a laser treatment and not cause any skin to break or bleed.  It’s all so high-tech.

On my way out, I also bought the recommended Glytone skin care kit that is supposed to prevent further unwanted pigmenation.  When I got home, I found the kit contained 7 bottles!
I’ve always been a minimalist when it came to my skin-care and makeup regimen; for years it has always been just Ivory soap and moisturizer.  As I’ve gotten older, I may add an occasional cleaning with Clinique’s pink toner, and as of a month ago, I began using Boots’ No. 7 Restore and Renew serum from Target after reading so much hype about it (I have to admit, I think it does make my skin look younger and fresher).  Having to use 7 different products every single time I wash my face is going to be nuts!  I’ll keep you updated.

A meeting with my agent

September 22, 2007

As some of you who know me may know, I am an actress (though with the children to mind, I’ve been in semi-retirement mode).  As an actress, I have an agent to find me auditions and work, and from time to time, I meet with her just to touch base and let her know what I look like and am like in person as I change through the years.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with T, a new booker from Los Angeles.  Instead of hashing out my monologue (which I’d been using for the past 7 years and is probably pretty beat and too young for me now), I gave her about a minute of my also beat stand up routine.  Man, I need new material.  Now that Gladys is somewhat physically independent, I may need to workshop another 20 minutes of stuff.  Unfortunately, so little happens to me these days, I’m worried nothing will materialize.  But the comedy is in the littlest of details, so who knows?

My new bustle back skirt was also a big hit.  It’s the envy of everyone who’s seen it since I received it a week ago.  Unfortunately, I got a few stains on it through my feeding frenzy through the farmers’ market.  Let’s see if anyone notices since reading this blog.

Again, my apologies to anyone reading this if it goes a bit slowly.  I’m still extremely rusty at writing; so, I’m just letting myself get warmed up until the words flow a bit more fluidly and the ideas take on more structure.  Nonetheless, to my friends, I’m happy to have a way to connect with them en masse :).

Art Receptions

September 19, 2007

I just visited an art opening that features among many other wonderful pieces works done by a friend of mine.  Good art notwithstanding, it was such a warm and social event — a gathering of people who probably see far more of each other online than in person.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel that the internet has become essential in keeping up connections in an efficient manner considering how the number of friends, contacts, relatives, etc. can grow exponentially as you live your life, but that only throws into relief the profundity of being in someone’s physical presence as a means of connecting.

Differences between interacting with people IRL vs. online:  You get to see what people are wearing, you are more aware of how tall they are, they (you) can see where your eyes go as you speak to them, and on a subconscious level, you are more aware of pace, breathing, and voice.  All these little things do affect you and how you react — all without the exchange of words.

Being so isolated so often, it was a bit of sensory overload for me but it reminded me of life before 5 years ago or so.

BTW, shout out to MP for a successful show!  I enjoyed it immensely.

what to say what to say?

September 18, 2007

I’ve already sort of broken the ice by coming up with this blog name…now to come up with content!

As for today, I finally put the two babies down to sleep after the older one just had her first day of preschool. I made good use of the time by shopping at the local fruit stand, getting coffee, a pedicure and a brow wax. Just like old times. Only with baby Gladys in tow.

Ophelia loved school. So much so that she was in tears as we pulled up to our driveway because she wanted to go back. I, however, now need to put more thought into her wardrobe now that kids will be seeing her everyday. I wonder if they let the preschoolers wear the uniforms that the older kids have? That’d be sweet.

And that’s my day. I apologize in advance if this blog gets boring. I’m still getting my footing here.